Christ Warrior. Mama. Intellectual Creative. Tech Lover. CEO & Executive of Things. Founder of Lex Jameson Creative. I craft marvelous beautiful brands for extraordinary visionaries and teach others to do the same. They call me "THE MAVEN"

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While Lex Jameson is a new brand, it's not a new team. LJC was originally known as ALL MAVEN Agency. It was birthed when ALL MAVEN took on bolder visions and now LJC serves as its creative arm. As my original agency grew, I found that it was serving so many unique objectives in a number of ways. I needed the space to serve them all with their own dedicated focus, so ALL MAVEN agency transformed into ALL MAVEN Enterprise, and Lex Jameson represents the creative outcome of that venture. ALL MAVEN has several brands now underneath it, including a nonprofit organization, a consulting firm, a retail brand, and two new software companies launching in 2022.

The agency name is formed from one of my nicknames, "Lex" (out of Alexandra) and Jameson (my oldest is named James and he is my son... He himself also just likes the name Jameson and my husband likes whiskey so that worked out fun. Most people call me, "THE MAVEN." You can learn more about me at findthemaven.com.

LJC is designed to craft beautiful brands with effective design for extraordinary visionaries. Not only do we work B2B for organizations of all sizes, but we also exist to serve other designers in the field, with hopes of raising the bar and giving designers more freedom.

I've been a Webflow designer for over 7 years now (I remember when you could only make 2 page websites on Webflow... lol) and have been in love with the #NoCode movement ever since. Webflow gave me the freedom to go from a broke single mother living at home without a computer, to a full time agency owner and now a conglomerate. I was honored to share my story for Webflow Virtual World Tour. We are just getting started :)

Want to learn more about me? Visit my site at findTHEMAVEN.com