Our hiring isn't traditional, but it really gives you a chance to shine. We try to knock out all applications quickly, but sometimes we get like, really, really busy. Questions? Reach out :)


Before applying, you should know that...

Lex Jameson Creative is welcoming a lot of new folks to our team. We'll be adding a variety of awesome people  with a range of skills, so we encourage you to apply, no matter your journey. Our primary additions are in the categories of Web Design, but we're looking at all positions in the creative and administrative sector including but not limited to, graphic designers, artists, content writers, social media managers and marketers. We're a Webflow Exclusive Agency, so if you're a web designer, make sure that's in your wheelhouse :)

While the brand is new, the work is not. LJC was formerly known as ALL MAVEN Digital Agency. What happened? We grew! LJC now represents the beautiful and creative arm of ALL MAVEN in the digital space.

Lastly, we use one application for all our applicants, and you specify your position below. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. After submitting your application. You can save and resume this application at later date by clicking the "save" button at the bottom. You do not need to be in the US to apply, but take note that extreme time zones differences might be difficult in some cases. At LJC, we really value diversity. We cover a number of ethnic backgrounds, ages, genders, nations, disabilities etc. If you feel comfortable sharing something unique about you, let us know in the comments!

Questions about applications? Send a message or reach out to