We take applications for talented folks ALL YEAR long regardless of openings. If you got the goods, come on down. Below the open slots is a list of attributes that would make you a good fit. See if they work :)

On the fence? Here's 20 reasons to be here

Here's What's Up For Grabs ;)

While these are the key positions, as we mentioned before, we hire mainly for value. Some positions are W2 employees, others for independent contractors and some that are both depending on your involvement. We sort of go with the flow and adjust as we need. Flexibility is key :)

Check out some of our other benefits :)

Webflow Maintenance Designer

Positions Available:


Great entry level position for someone who's not a Webflow expert, but knows their way around the platform. Less design, more... maintenance as the title suggests :)


Webflow Web Designer

Positions Available:


Looking to fill our team with exceptional Webflow designers. If you love Webflow (and you're really good at it) see if this is something that will work well for you :)


Brand Ambassadors

Positions Available:


If you're a bold creative that loves networking and connecting to awesome people, online and offline, this might be your ticket :) Local to CA & CO


Ideally, LJC is a
good fit for you if...

  • You're not an elitist selfish whiner that's allergic to hard work
  • You don't mind being thrown to the wolves
  • You like limited oversight but value a lot of feedback and handle critiques well
  • You are open to learning and growing
  • You want the freedom to create, express ideas, and try new things
  • You are good on the phone with clients. Yes, phones, we still use those things...
  • You don't assume and ask a lot of questions
  • You meet deadlines
  • You're not an entitled ungrateful brat. THE MAVEN will eat you alive if that's you, so you better check yourself before you wreck yourself
  • You like flexibility (great for parents especially :)
  • You pay attention to THE DETAILS
  • You like remote work and don't mind a lot of video conferencing
  • You're an independent self-starter that can take charge, while also being a team player that knows how to work for the best of the group and submit
  • You're dependable, accountable, responsible, kind, thoughtful, giving, compassionate and take pride in all that you do. You know - things that make you a decent human being...
  • You can actually do the job... Well. Yeah that's a pretty important one... lol

Other benefits to working here...

Flexible Schedule
Ability To Expand
Paid Training
Opportunity To Advance
Monthly Wellness Benefit
Fully Remote
Free Access To Workshops
Sabbaticals After 1 Year
Networking Events
Awesome Swag
Free Food If You're Local
Random Fun Perks
Cool People
Kid Friendly
Parent Friendly
Military Friendly
Disability Friendly
Pet Friendly
People Friendly Really...

*We're Expanding Our Offering Once We're In Full Swing And Those Will Be Applied To Current Folks That Are Still With Us