The True Cost of a Website: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Need a website, but unsure about what you get for what price? In this live online course, you'll get the insider secrets, cost breakdowns, and shopper's guide on getting the most bang for your buck on a website that will work best for you and your budget.


Everyone wants to know the price, but no one seems to have a solid answer and why.

That stops now. In 2 hours we'll thoroughly break down each aspect of a website, all the costs involved, what you can actually get for your money (and why), and making every penny count. Avoid shady deals, designers and disappointment while staying on budget and getting everything you need in a website with this informative online course.

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You spend tons of time evaluating large purchases. What's it worth getting ALL the research and right answers before buying?

Buying websites is hard because you don't know what you're buying (thus the incessant Google searches). Makes sense. A wrong choice could result in losing big bucks and precious time. But if 2 hours would save you months of pain and thousands of dollars, you'd make time right?

Unnecessary pain? Ain't nobody got time for that. How do I enroll?

The True Cost of a Website Ultimate Buyer's Guide is an AWESOME course for...

Who are looking to...

  • Grow their online presence and/or bring in additional revenue or funds
  • Provide an effective information gateway for their audience with a great user experience
  • Sell something online, whether its coffee mugs, food, concert tickets or yoga classes
  • Provide online services and/or streamline operations


  • Get every detail about the buying process in an easily digestible format instead of searching Google for hours
  • Avoid getting ripped off and left with a website that doesn't fit their needs
  • Need to know what to spend where and when with a tight or very tight budget
  • Cover all their bases and get max value for their project
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You can't afford NOT to do this research if you're buying a website. It will cost you.

You've probably heard that a website is an investment, but the vast majority of people fail to treat it that way. We've watched people who could have avoided draining their bank account by taking 5 minutes out to get the right insight. If you show up well prepared, you're less likely to have buyer's remorse and get the website your really want.

Here's what we'll cover
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In this interactive 2-hour course, we'll drop powerful knowledge in your noggin:

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This course is offered on 3 different days in 10 accessible time zones, and that killer price won't last long! This course is taught LIVE and space is limited! This pre-launch special will go up to $197 once we fill up! Click a day to see times and save your seat ;)






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Are you okay spending hours of what little time you have trying to figure it out, getting it wrong, losing tons of money and spending more money later to fix it? $99 one-time avoids that and you'll:

More questions? See the FAQ

And to get you started on the winning side if you sign up today you'll also get the **never before released** exclusive guide:

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6 Days to 6 Figures:

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Secret tips that make the difference in whether your store is the bomb or a total bust

This guide is so darn good we will be selling it AFTER the course rolls out for everyone. But for you, it's totally FREE when you sign up :)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

By the way, if you don't take away a ton of great insight to help you on your journey, reach out and we'll give you your money back:)

If you're actually looking to make an investment in a website and get the best value in the process, sign up today and get:

A thorough checklist for website buying success

Live online instruction with detailed step-by-step plans

Questions specific to your business or industry answered

6 Days to 6 Figures Fast Track Playbook

If you have more questions, write to us or check out our FAQ. Otherwise, sign up below while we still have space available and we'll see you soon!

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How long is the course and when can I take it?

This course is 2 hours long, taught LIVE. The instructor will then stay on an additional 30 minutes after the course ends for a bonus Live Q&A so you can get all your questions answered specific to your business. This course is offered 3 different days in 10 time zones:

What happens after I register?

After you register for the course, you'll get a confirmation email with all the course details and a receipt. You'll also have a few emails that come out before the course to remind you that it's coming up, as well as inquire if you have any questions. You'll also receive the login information 5 days prior to the course, and two days before you'll get your specialized materials.

Am I on video? How interactive is it?

By default, no one appears on video except for the instructor. However, when we get to live Q&A, you may have the option of turning on your camera and microphone. This course is VERY interactive, as we want to make sure you're getting the FULL scope of what's there.

Is this course recorded? How long will I have access?

Yes, we will record this course for your FOREVER use. However, since these are custom copywritten materials that everyone else pays for, please DO NOT copy, share or distribute to others.

How much is the course?

This course is being offered at a special rate of $99 USD. The course will go back to its regular rate of $197 USD when it reopens again. This is the ONLY time you'll see this course offered publicly at $99. We're not JC Penney. It's not like there's a sale all the (low key though I do love some JC Penney - ^TM)

Who is teaching this course?

None other than the amazing MAVEN, the "Lex" of Lex Jameson. THE MAVEN has been teaching for years for corporations, leadership conferences, chambers, SCORE and so many other organizations and is knowing for "bringing it." NO ONE has ever walked away without feeling their brain get wrecked (in a good way). Learn more about her at

Is this course okay for beginners?

This course is AWESOME for beginnings and intermediates. While there is a ton of material, the handouts, notes and guides really make things A LOT easier.

When do we get our course materials?

Course materials are usually provided about 48 hours prior to the course date. We don't like to spoil anything, and because the course is so personalized, we will often add things that concern the students in the course to make it more customized.

What if I don't have a business? Is this course still good?

YES! You don't have to have a full time business to get started. This course material applies to entities other than business, like clubs, nonprofits, other organizations, solo brands, and more. If you want to have a website (or figure out if you need one and what kind) this course is perfect for you. No matter how big or how small your project is, you can still make it awesome. Check out who benefits best from this course.

I already have a website that works pretty well. Will this course still benefit me?

I'm almost darn near positive it will. First, the course is only $99. One small missing tip can result in thousands of dollars for your business, so the value is there. Second, you may find out that you didn't get everything you needed in your first website or that you're missing something important that could have a major impact on your business.

What's the refund policy? What if I can't come? What if I don't like it?

This is the easy part. First, you can request a FULL REFUND up to 5 days BEFORE the course if you're unable to make it. If you cancel within that 5 days, you can either (a) get a credit for another course we're offering, (b) send someone in your place or (c) still get a full refund, which will be processed 7 days AFTER the course completes.

Remember, you'll still get the access to the recording as well, which still provides an amazing amount of value.

If you want to select another course day, you can do so from your confirmation email IF there is space in the course. The form will tell you if there's room left when you go to change it.

If you attend the course and were not happy with it, you can still get your money back if you submit your request within 30 days. We only ask that give us some feedback and we'll send you money back. A refund request form is available here.

Not enough? Send a quick message:

Alrighty then! Unless you're a bot, spammer, or someone doing that weird "we'll provide you offshore services for $7" thing we'll be in touch :)
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