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We've got some more questions about you. We're starting to get weird, oddly specific and more particular. Hope you enjoy :)

Before applying, you should know that...

We say this a lot but we really do mean it. There are no wrong answers here. We're just trying to create a great fit. Just because you don't make the cut don't take it as you need to do something different or that anything is wrong with you. There are a limited number of slots and most of you qualified people probably deserve them. But there can only be one. Or two. Maybe three in some cases, and that might not be you. So just keep that in mind. There's a perfect match out there somewhere for you even if it's not here.

Have we said how grateful we are to have you go through this hiring process? As you can see we invest a lot of time in it, because we don't like to do a lot of hiring. We want to make the right call and move on. So keep bearing with us, or if it gets to be too much, it's okay to say, not interested any more!

Alright, let's get to it...

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Alrighty then! Unless you're a bot, spammer, or someone doing that weird "we'll provide you offshore services for $7" thing we'll be in touch :)
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