Webflow Maintenance Designer

Great entry level position for someone who's not a Webflow expert, but knows their way around the platform. Less design, more... maintenance as the title suggests :)


We are a Webflow powered agency and our beautiful Webflow sites need to stay tip top to compete :)

This is a bit less of a designer role, and more of an update roll. While you may get to do some design, it may be relatively minor. Some of the items requested include:

  • Updating links
  • Adding/Removing Photos
  • Adding Banners
  • Adding a page
  • Updating/Changing Text
  • Adding or removing HTML
  • Adding custom form
  • Editing metadata
  • Optimizing web pages
  • Adding script and or code






$15-20 Per Hour


Pay is Dependent on Position as Regular Staff or Intern and Experience

Good to know...

This is a great position for someone who just wants to earn a few extra dollars here and there and wants to get deeper into Webflow. While it may not be the most exciting position, occasionally a custom landing page or something more interesting and creative may come up. This is great for an entry level Webflower who would like to get more work under their belt and add some experience to their resume.

This is not work heavy position, maybe 5-10 hours a week, but will increase over time.

In order to work this position:

  • You must know Webflow! That's a non-negotiable
  • Must be quick! For the average experienced Webflower, these updates will come second nature
  • Must understand setting up new pages in Webflow, and Webflow CMS
  • Must be an awesome person!

Other benefits to working here...

Flexible Schedule
Ability to expand
Paid training
Opportunity to advance
Monthly Wellness Benefit
Fully remote
Free access to workshops
Sabbaticals after 1 year
Networking events
Awesome swag
Free food if you're local
Random fun perks
Cool People
Kid friendly
Parent friendly
Military friendly
Disability friendly
Pet friendly
People friendly really...

*We're expanding our offering once we're in full swing and those will be applied to current folks that are still with us

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Instead of answering each person's individual questions, we took all the questions that were submitted via applications and email that we felt would be helpful for other candidates and placed them here :) We answered everything from tattoos to a day in the life. Hope it helps and as always, if you need something, email hiring@lexjameson.com.

You are a Creative Agency "coming soon 2021," how soon will you be open for business?

We are actually open for business right now. LJC was is the rebranded creative arm of ALL MAVEN, so clients who already know us are still referring us. We just have not gone out and marketed as LJC, but we currently already have clients and a base.

In your point of view what makes a good employee and how do you know that they are the one you need?

That's a bit of a trick question. See, our philosophy is "figure out how they function" and then learn how to work with them. Work their strengths, know their weaknesses and adjust. We have technically never had a "bad hire" (we had one bad intern but eh). The worst hires were not actually people who didn't do their job, it was their attitude. They were always working but never really "contributing." They made themselves replaceable and never gave anything of long term value. This is 90% of hires at jobs across the world anyway, but that's not how we roll. Showing up and just doing the job just isn't enough well isn't enough. If you look at our best team members, they are ride or die. They feel this is their company and they are here for the long haul because it's more than just a business. And we reward that contribution. We know, once a MAVEN always a MAVEN. Let's just say our intern three years ago is now a shareholder and the CCO of the entire enterprise.

Would this always be a remote position or would there be opportunities to move maybe in the future?

We were a remote company well prior to the pandemic, so we can't imagine why we would go back. However, where we do have offices, we do have some in person activities, like going to network events, trips, Chick-fil-a, etc. We are members of the Chamber of Commerce, so if staff are in that area, they can attend events. Our agency is equipped to franchise as well, so as more "offices" go up, we'll promote more in person activities.

Would I be able to start immediately?

Define immediately... Someone's going to start next week and the week after, so if that's immediate then yes.

Will you contact me if I’m denied?

Yup. We don't ghost people over here.

When you see someone you hired a year from now being exceptional at the job, what do you visualize?

They're not doing the same job...lol We're a growth company - no one is ever meant to really stay where they are unless that is where they want to be and they're exceptionally good at it. Our intern became our CCO and a shareholder. Hope that gives you a good idea.

What would the typical day of a graphic designer look like?

That's sort of up to you. It might look like working from midnight to 10:00am, sleeping for four hours, watching 8 episodes of New Girl in a row, eating a corndog and then making three flyers and two social media posts. Not like we're describing anyone specific...lol Everyone makes their schedule.

How does the flexibility of the position work?

Finish your work on time and we could really care less what you're doing the remainder of the time. You don't want to work Tuesdays, don't work Tuesdays. You're leaving for Europe for three weeks, make sure you have your stuff in order and have a great trip.

Do you have any objections to hiring an online college student? If I wasn't hired, would it be because I'm a student, or because of something else?

The only thing that doesn't get you hired here is being a total a-hole. Age ain't nothing but a number. We've been quite impressed with even our high school interns. They sure know how to bring it. Youngest person who's ever worked here is James, he's now 10 (adorable little brand ambassador) and the oldest person was in their late sixties. So no, there's no such thing as too young or too old. It's all about your character.

What would a typical day working for Lex Jameson Creative consist of?

It could look almost however you wanted depending on your position. Everyone is literally different. If you ask Matthew, he's like super organized, all on time with everything, there for all the clients. If you ask Dejan, it's a very specific set of hours during specific times of days. Don't ask THE MAVEN, it's literally different every week. You can find her working sometimes at 5am (usually from the night before) or sleeping at noon and working at 10:00pm. When everyone gets to work the way they want, they are usually more productive.

What would a typical day "in the office" look like for a graphic designer at Lex Jameson? Like a day layout of what would be given and accomplished? And as a company what do you value most about your employees?

Wow, some version of this question has been asked multiple times. Here's some real examples for some different folks:

-Some Person: Starts work at 9am, answers emails, takes client calls, makes website updates, schedules a few more meetings, designs some materials, updates items in Clickup, finishes around 6 or 7pm.

-Another Person: Starts work at 11pm, designs until 1pm the next day, takes no phone calls or answers emails. Then remerges around 9pm, answers all emails and schedules them out for the next morning.

-Different Person: Starts work at noon, designs until 4-5, team conference call at 5:30, eats dinner, comes back and answers emails, designs until about 10pm and then hits the hay.

Guys, there's really no typical work day. We get the task and then get it done. Clients usually call in, we have a discovery meetings, whoever is head honcho dishes out assignments, we work together and collaborate, MAVEN schools some people so they get better, client gets work and then everyone is happy.

We love this team. They are ride or die. We're all here trying to build something bigger than just great graphics or websites. We're doing some crazy stuff over here. Everyone believes in the vision. That's what makes them special. If you're not inspired to work here, it probably won't work out.

What would a day at Lex Jameson look like? Would there be zoom calls involved?

You know I think we covered this pretty good...lol

Now, Zoom calls, yes. We do those. We also do a lot of recordings. We use Loom and Hippo. We often will make tutorial and instructional videos for team members as opposed to have ninety million zoom meetings. We do have regular staff meetings, and THE MAVEN works one one one with all the team members on many of their tasks to ensure they are growing and learning.

Lex talks A LOT. There's always a lot of value brought in on our calls, especially the reviews. So pad your meeting times...lol

What will I be assigned to do as my first mission with this company?

After you're onboarded probably the first thing that's on fire...lol There's always a client with a last minute request. Beyond that, it's usually actually a skillset based assignment. So if there are 10 assignments on deck, all due at the same time, you're going to get assigned to the ones you can handle the best first.

And tweet about us. Yeah. That's cool.

What kind of remote/collaboration tools do you use? Is one OS encouraged over another? If hired as an employee, can we continue to work on our own computers? As an employee are things like internet service and office equipment reimbursed?

We use like a gazillion different tools, and each staff member also has tools of their own they like to use. For example, Lex does not use Figma, but Matthew uses Figma. We have some core tools we love to use, like ClickUp, Google Workspace, Loom, Adobe CC, etc, but there is no preference in a system.

We don't reimburse for internet service unless there was some major badnwith issue. That's never happened. We do purchase some office equipment for staff. In the past we've purchased things like Chromebooks for our Social Media Managers. Every graphic designer and web designer has always had and worked on their own machine, and they prefer to keep it that way.

What is one challenge that your team is facing right now?

Getting through 140 applications quickly, ensuring applicants feel valued and continuing our custom branded hiring experience :)

What does a typical day in this role look like?

Is there a blizzard outside? Then like the others...lol

What are a couple (or few) of the most important traits, skills and/or personalities when seeking people to work with your Agency within this role?

Someone who is aligned with our values, and most of our F words. Flexibility, Freedom and Forgiveness are big ones for team members. People work here, not robots. We get hurt, our kids get sick, people die, (wow those are all really negative things...sorry) and everyone needs to be OK when things don't go as planned. Even when they don't go that way for a while. COVID wreaked havoc on a lot of businesses. Any idea how hard that was on so many families? While it's never happened to our agency, there were businesses that had to close their doors because they couldn't make payroll. They had their spouses dying of COVID while trying to keep their doors open and some people could only thing of themselves. Some people were (us included) were emotionally disturbed when we saw George Floyd. Working was not always easy. You just have to remember that we're in this together. You've got to be human and you've got to have a heart.

Since this is a new company, what was the best moment since starting? Also, what was the greatest teaching moment?

Finishing up our page design for our online courses was the most rewarding. Education is a big part of our agency, so that was a real winner. Biggest teaching moment? Too many to count. We're always learning over here, that is what makes us great leaders.

Is there a set start date for this position?

Not exactly... yesterday maybe...lol

I would love to know if you have any concerns about my design abilities?

If we do, we'll let you know. However, design is not objective. Some designers don't understand why they don't get hired when their work is prettier. Just because you can make art doesn't mean you can design. The difference between art and design is function (Minh Tran?). If it doesn't sell or meet its objective it doesn't work.

I really like your website design. Who spearheaded the design and functioning?

THE MAVEN herself ;)

I have seen sentence: 'Person who is not afraid to be thrown to the wolves' and I would like to know what that means.

It means you can hang with little to no instruction. You can go with the flow and get it done, even when everything isn't given to you. You can just figure out, even when you don't have the rule or guidelines.

Real life scenario that happened last week: Someone didn't return after being held up to finish a design project. A call was made to one of our Legacy Mavens (a great designer who worked with us years prior who had a life transformation and realized that graphic design was not their true calling and they wanted to be a fashion designer). She was given three text messages, one emails and a folder with assets. She designed the materials without ever needing to follow up with us. Client asked for one revision. She needed no guidance, oversight or instruction, even though she had no previous knowledge of the project. She just figured it out. That's being thrown to the wolves.

She's amazing by the way we told her she could come back if she wanted too. She did it so last minute for us, we're so grateful. Seamlessness. Don't worry she wouldn't be taking one of your spots...lol

I assume that you guys probably don’t care, but are you okay with tattoos and piercings?

Tattoos and piercings are cool with us (one person has a nose ring). However if you have one of those really "bad" tattoos on your arm (you know the kind) that isn't going to fly at a business function best to go with long sleeves. Skulls, crossbones, riding a motorcycle over an eagle as it picks the corpse of the devil through a ring a fire, totally normally. The one that says "Eat a D**K 2020" is not going to be okay.

But hey it's remote right? Who's really going to see that much?

I am curious to know what a day as a Graphic Designer for Lex Jameson looks like? What does a challenging day look like?

We'll take on the second part of this question. Challenging day. Blizzard comes. Knocks out power to the main office. Can't reach all our staff, have seven projects due in two hours and someone just spilled water on their Macbook.

Catching ALL the typos. We never do the first round...we just never do...

Life is more about opportunities than challenges we say :)

How have you managed to keep working over the COVID situation? Are you making something to support LGBT groups? How easy is it for an employee to launch a support group or class group or something?

We've always been remote so work has just been work. Any other Tuesday.

We don't have anything specific for any sort of group right now. It's difficult because our business isn't that large and we are across A LOT of time zones. You'd end up being a part of 1 or 2 in most cases. We're sure that will change down the line, but for now, it's pretty cozy over here.

How soon do you need someone to start?

Yesterday, but the hiring process is long and tedious.

How long would the hiring process take? And, once the hiring process is done when do you think you will be hiring again?

We'll be wrapping up in the next two weeks for a few positions, but we are opportunistic hire-ers. Hirers? Hiring people? Don't know if that's a word. Anyway, while we do hire for some positions (creative agencies need designers), we'll hire at any time. We'll also take on a "golden" hire. This is someone who brings in revenue. Meaning, they're not just a designer, but they can network and bring in sales. They can function almost independently, but want the cover of an agency. We hire if someone can be useful, that's why we take applications all year long. What can you bring to the team? We don't have to have an opening to put someone on.

How long have you been in business?

Over 8 years. ALL MAVEN was founded in January of 2013 and has grown and diversified since.

How does LJC make room for me to grow as a designer?

By literally giving you projects that help you grow, allowing FREE access to classes that are taught, and Lex giving you one on one feedback on your work with instructions. Careful though, one simple question could turn into two hours of education with her. All good things, but not if you're on a time crunch. She is a teacher, that's her strong suit.

Do you provide design assets or can I use mine? Are you open to use UI Kits?
Can I use the designs I created for LJC in my portfolio?

Not sure exactly what you mean by that? We create assets for clients, so they're unique and one of a kind.

Some UI Kits are cool, as long as certain things are not too templately. We don't do template stuff here.

Most certainly you can use the work in your portfolio. As long as their is no special restrictions from the client or would cause some sort of issue, you're all good.

Do you offer any opportunities for growth / advancement?

Lots. An intern from Macedonia became the CCO and a shareholder. Show us what you got. Pay your dues and you will move up.

Do you help with work from home set up? (Computer, software, wifi, etc)

For some things. Not wifi. Most of the designers that come to work with us are already independent designers running their own freelance business. So they are already taking deductions on their business equipment and have their home office already set up because they've been doing that for years.

Do you have a specific target for clients?

Ones with money who are not total jerks.

How soon are you looking to have the position filled?


What do you value most in finding a successful designer?

Integrity. Selflessness. Commitment. No sense of entitlement. Always looking to learn and be curious. The best designers and the ones that have a DEEP understanding of branding. Vast majority of designers do not, even the amazing ones that we have and have hired in the past. It's a big education battle. The problem is that most designers THINK they know brand but they really don't. Even if their designers are beautiful, this is often missing from the picture with most hires, and most designers in general. Luckily, we teach you that here... :)

How many hours does a typical designer work each week?

Everyone is different and it depends on the speed and skillset. We still can't believe how quickly Matthew and Dejan work at their jobs. For someone else on the team, it's like a five hour ordeal and some how they just get it done in like 1. Mysteries...

How is the work environment remotely?

Relaxed and independent. Sometimes it doesn't feel like you're "working for someone." Some people like that, others don't. It's like, getting to enjoy your craft without someone bugging you all the time. It's very...fluid.

What kind of other opportunities does Lex Jameson provide?

LJC is one brand of a small international enterprise. We cross use staff. So while you may be working at LJC, you could end up at one of the other brands that are launching and going more work there. We have A LOT of in house internal projects because ALL MAVEN is a business builder. Every time they build a business, it needs... you guessed it! Graphic design, a website, etc. If they desire a designer could be busy 40 hours a week on non-client projects by the amount of stuff that needs to get done.

What are your hours?

We're closed on weekends, all holidays, snow days, days where we want to take off and fun holidays THE MAVEN deems appropriate. Everyone works on the weekend though. No one is required to, no one is expected to, but everyone is always busy and the weekend is almost easier to work sometimes because it's more peaceful without clients making requests. That's when a lot of creative juices are flowing for some people. So it's your choice, just know as an office we're not open.


After you submit your application, we'll try to review it as soon as possible, but our hiring can take up to six weeks (we spend a lot of time trying to pick THE RIGHT folks). If you're a fit and we've got an opening, we'll schedule an interview and go from there. Take note, since we hire all year long, if you're not applying for something we have open, we'll just let you know that we've got your application on file and will reach out if we have something.

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