20 Reasons Why You Might Want To Work With Us Crazy People

We said might okay - we don't know you like that but here goes... BTW, if you've already decided you want to work with us, chekc out the positions and apply :)


Here's a list with just
some of the reasons...

  1. We do a killer job at branding, marketing, design and business development and you'd like to be a part of that awesomeness
  2. We teach other designers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to also be killer at branding, marketing, design and business development and you'd like to be a part of that awesomeness
  3. We're incredibly flexible and fully remote. Boss lady can really care less when you work as long as you get your stuff done on time. Time zones anyone?
  4. We help businesses develop a strong brand that they can be proud of; one that delivers revenue and respect, impact and insight, quality services and improves the community and you'd like to do the same
  5. We're a purpose driven brand. We do a lot of community work and help better the lives of those around us
  6. Everyone else who works here is pretty flippin' cool. You do want to hang with the cool folks dontcha?
  7. You will grow and learn. No one hangs around here without getting their brain filled and we have a heck of a lot of fun while we do it
  8. Money. Making money is tight :)
  9. We're closed on the weekend. No one will bother you while you binge watch Netflix and eat too many hot cheetos.
  10. We've got an open door policy. We care more about working as a team, then who wears the pants, or the skirt, or the crocs or whateva... (we might need to talk if you wear the crocs...just sayin.)
  11. We live for our F Words. Faith, family, friends, forgiveness, flexibility fundamentals and most importantly FREEDOM.
  12. Our crew is pretty diverse. Different ethnicities, ages, backgrounds, nationalities, genders, the like. As Dejan would say, "Believe me I'm from the Balkans."
  13. Lots of room for advancement and expanding into new and exciting things if you dare
  14. We fit in well with your life and schedule. Accommodating that trip to Europe you've been planning or visiting your crazy aunt in New York is super easy, barely an inconvenience. #RyanGeorge
  15. This is a safe place to unleash your creativity and "...boldly go where no man has gone before..."
  16. God is a big investor in our business. We're very rich this way and always get what we need ;-D
  17. We're human (mostly...)
  18. You need more experience and we're the only people weird enough, open enough or interesting enough to hire you
  19. We believe in Love! Oh yeah, that's what really makes us special.
  20. We're awesome. Here you can be YOUnique, show YOUR best and live YOUR message.

Okay, so if all that sounds good to you and there's something you can bring that will make us better, go ahead and apply!